Little Sunshine Kindergarten

Heinrich-Wich-Straße 6
90530 Wendelstein

09129 - 72 33

Katrina Reith

My name is Katrina Reith. I was born in Cleethorpes in England. After studying Childcare and Sociology at the Grimsby Institute and University Centre I worked in a Montessori Kindergarten and also a primary school.
After meeting my husband I moved to Germany and worked as a nanny for a lovely family in Nürnberg. Following the arrival of our two children we moved to Burgthann.
After many wonderful years working in a Kindergarten in Nürnberg I decided it was time for a new challenge in my life. In May 2018 I joined the Little Sunshine Team where I am not only responsible for teaching the children English, but also for Sport and healthy breakfast.

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