Little Sunshine Kindergarten

Heinrich-Wich-Straße 6
90530 Wendelstein

09129 - 72 33

Adrienn Tamas

My name is Adrienn Tamás – kids call me simply Ada -, and I come from Hungary. At the University of Debrecen I acquired a master degree in teaching English for children. First, I worked in a primary school as an English teacher, then in 2018 I moved to Germany. Since then I have lived in Abenberg. I used to be an integration helper and school attendant for children with autism and other social-emotional problems. I worked in a school for students with disabilities and special educational needs. In September 2021 I start working here in the Little Sunshine Kindergarten, and my goal is to introduce the English language and its beauty to the children in a playful way. I hope we will have a lot of fun together.

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