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English Halloween party

English Halloween party
The children were full of excitement and anticipation as they arrived
in the Kindergarten in the morning, as it was time for the annual
English Halloween party. They could hardly wait until the afternoon
to finally get changed into their Halloween costumes. Once they were
all ready it was time to go down into the sports hall which was
decorated with spooky pumpkins and ghosts.
The children proudly presented their costumes to each other and a
book was read about Spot the dog's Halloween party. At the back of
the book a mysterious clue was found, leading to a treasure hunt
around the Kindergarten. With each clue that was located there was
also an activity that had to be done, for example, glide like a ghost or
fly like a bat. Eventually a box of treasure full of colouring books and
sweets was found and it was time for refreshments consisting of
smartie biscuits that the children baked in english the day before and
apple juice. It was then time for some music and dancing before the
party was over too soon and the parents were already arriving. The
children had a wonderful time and are already planning their
costumes for next year.

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